Tina Riley
Candidate for Maine State House District 74

About Tina

Tina Riley is a master electrician who represents Jay, Livermore Falls, and part of Livermore in the Maine House, where she serves on the Energy, Utilities, and Technology Committee. Tina resides with her husband, Shawn, and the younger of the couple’s two sons, in Jay.

• After high school, Tina worked with people with disabilities, as a janitor, and as a cook.

• She completed a five-year electrical apprenticeship; night school and on-the-job training.

• Tina is a licensed Maine master electrician

• She holds a degree in Industrial Electrical/Electronic Technology from KVCC.

• Also earned a Bachelor of Applied Science with a minor in Business Administration from UMA.

• She owned Moelco Electric, with husband Shawn.

• Worked at Rumford Paper Company as an electrician/instrumentation technician.

• Raised two sons, Shane and Bryan; currently primary caregiver for Bryan, now a young adult, who is physically disabled.

• Long-time volunteer in Jay/RSU 73 schools.

• Serving her second term in the Legislature and on the Energy, Utilities, and Technology Committee.

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On the Issues

The Riley Amendment

My favorite piece of legislation from my first term is the so-called “Riley Amendment” to LD 1729, which would make CMP test their billing system, and could make them pay the cost of an audit if they are found to have cheated their customers.

Over 97,000 CMP customers saw spikes of 50% or more in their bills during the first few months of 2018. This bill gives regulators the tools to make the company, not the customers, pay for the cost of the audit, if the company is found to have done something wrong.

A Win for Ratepayers

“Once in a while, you score a win, and Maine utility customers certainly won this one,” said Riley. “This is over half a million dollars that shareholders - not ratepayers - will be paying.”

Riley, a member of the Legislature’s Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee, sponsored the amended language in LD 1729, An Act To Restore Confidence In Utility Billing Systems, in 2018 when the committee was re-working the bill. At the time the bill passed, the language was widely referred to as “the Riley amendment.”

It held the utility shareholders - not ratepayers - responsible for the cost of the $580,000 audit since the utility was found to be at fault.



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